How to get Dribbble invitations

How to get Dribbble invitations

Since I am a very active member of the Dribbble community I get asked quite often if I have invitations or how can a designer get invited into the Dribbble design community.

I have noticed a very simple way to find invitations and I will share it with you. Most of the designers that are active members and receive such invitations tend to share such news with the community by uploading a shot and presenting a few rules on how to get one of their available seats.

So, using the website system simply search for common sense terms like invite / invitation / invitations + / – Dribbble and filter the results by recent:

• invite:
• invitation
• invitations
• dribbble invitation
• dribbble invitations

Then check for the latest shots where such invitations are available, follow the rules and join the game!

I read that there are some other ways, like asking to Dribbble directly for an invitation for example or by listing your name and portfolio link on various websites, but I think this is a faster way with more options to secure such an invitation.

Good luck! 🙂

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