LogoLounge book 13 selected logos logo designer Alex Tass

9 logos featured in the LogoLounge book vol 13

Hello my dear friends, I am honored to have 9 logos included in the future volume of the LogoLounge logo book series, volume 13.

LogoLounge book 13 selected logos by logo designer Alex Tass

Logos included:
Phylum, software development security logo design
Cirrus, logo design for flights ticketing ai
Cobiro website builder logo design: letter C, boxes, modules
TinyNotes, collaborative notes app logo: T, N, chat, folded note
FlowSource flowing FS monogram for productivity app logo design
Zona, modular logo for architecture / interior design studio
Super Notes logo: S + N letters in negative space + chat boxes
Tripped travel booking app, colorful paper plane logo design
Vast Conference calls logo: V + connecting, communicating people

This will be my 5th consecutive presence in the LogoLounge books.
Thank you LogoLounge, thank you jurors, thank you Bill Gardner!

Congratulations to all winners!

Let's work together!

Freelance logo designer focused on logo & identity design and branding.

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