LogoLounge book 12 features 9 of Alex Tass logo designs

9 logos featured in the LogoLounge book vol 12

Hello my dear friends, I am honored to have 9 logos included in the future volume of the LogoLounge logo book series, volume 12.

LogoLounge book vol 12 features 9 logo designs by Alex Tass

Logos included:
CoinBase logo design: CB negative space monogram
Statement, dynamic logo design for electronic music events
S letter, structure, stairs, infinite learning logo symbol
R: Rapid / rabbit, logo design for workforce management software
Kingdom of Heart, crown + heart, dating logo design symbol
Colorful, organic i letter mark – Inspire logo design
PepperPin, logo and pattern design for booking assistant app
N in Negative Space, logo explorations
Pin pointer + house + arrow, property investment consultant logo

This will be my 4th consecutive presence in the LogoLounge books. Thank you LogoLounge, thank you jurors, thank you Bill Gardner!

Congratulations to all winners!

Let's work together!

Freelance logo designer focused on logo & identity design and branding.

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